// Our Story...

We are two friends, Laurie Schuler-Flynn and Amy DelBondio, who share an admiration for the age-old craft of producing olive oil and a passion for the art of food. Not satisfied with producing just another California olive oil, we founded Hillstone Olive Oil to satisfy an unceasing desire to produce the best quality, best tasting, locally grown California olive oil you can buy.

The Terroir
At Hillstone, we have been able to achieve this high goal because of our unique rocky soil and ideal microclimate, and our willingness to work hard under a hot sun to nurture the olives with our own hands. This complex relationship gives our oil its unique character. This is our terroir.

Hillstone started a couple of years ago when we worked the soil and planted our olive trees out in the rolling hills of California’sYolo County. Covered by sun-parched, toasted prairie grasses and scattered with native river stones of many beautiful colors, this landscape reminded us of the Mediterranean region, the original source of our olive trees.

Tended by hand and given expert care throughout the year, our olives are allowed to reach their maximum flavor potential before picking. In the Fall, the olives are hand-harvested in one day and pressed into oil using an Italian–made press.

Small Artisan Batches
We only produce our oil in small closely monitored lots to maximize the quality and flavor. Our oil has a distinctive, pungent flavor with hints of apple, artichoke, and pepper. Try it. Taste it. Drizzle it on salads, pasta, or roasted potatoes. Dip a crust of rustic artisan bread into it. Join with us and celebrate the flavor.

And one more thing, Hillstone Olive Oil is a small company in the tradition of small family farms. We are big believers in the goodness of locally grown farm fresh food. However, the sad fact is that small family farms are rapidly becoming an extinct species in California. Please join us in supporting small family farms.

Please enjoy our olive oil in good health and with pleasure...Be well and eat well...

Every extraordinary feast deserves Hillstone Olive Oil.